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The company is a leader in providing hospitality outsourcing services in Ukraine. Our outsourcing model aims to replace your managerial staff with our consultants on contract basis, which allows not only to optimize business processes and to maintain control unlike standard management contracts, but to save staffing budget spent on managerial staff.


Today the concept of marketing is closely related to market positioning, technology, personalized segmentation. Our marketing services offer includes the implementation of the full program of marketing establishment optimization (Marketing 2.0), developing creative solutions, that contribute to the growth of quantitative and qualitative indicators of your institution, and control of marketing actions with the help of deep analysis and budgeting.


We offer selection, training, optimization of staff and the provision of temporary staff Personal Plus+. Selection and training are carried out by specially composed programs of Swiss Service School, which is the example of Swiss quality. Optimization of staff is a new vision of human resources planning for hotels and restaurants with regard to seasonality, occupancy and other impact factors.


Mystery Guest Shopping allows evaluation of the effectiveness of staffing, estimate the problem spots of the business. The evaluation includes not only situation analysis, but also factors of guest satisfaction. Consultants will help you discover critical issues of profitability and see new opportunities of increasing revenue. Evaluation criteria are agreed with each client separately based on the needs, that is why our Mystery Guest Shopping does not leave any detail unattended.


Our services in the financial sector include financial and market analytics. With the calculation of secondary indicators of hotels and restaurants, it is possible to investigate deeper market trends of HoReCa. Financial analytics includes investment memorandum and other products that help investors make decisions on certain projects.


Together with profile edition Otelier&Restorator, Milina Outsourcing holds operational forums for hoteliers and restaurateurs several times a year named HIF Events in various regions of Ukraine. The company also owns online platform TrainPRO, which accumulates online courses in various spheres of knowledge. Milina Outsourcing also organizes various meetings of hospitality professionals in order to stimulate the dialogue and to bring together market competition efforts.

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