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Lyudmyla PETRUK, CEO

Lyudmyla PETRUK, CEO +380677222416 +37062669885

Yana KANAFOTSKA, Deputy Director

Yana KANAFOTSKA, Deputy Director +380961777798

Iryna GAPANOVYCH, Marketing & Events

Iryna GAPANOVYCH, Marketing & Events +380982989009

Yana BOYKO, Sales Manager

Yana BOYKO, Sales Manager

Andrew ZHYDYK, Sales Manager

Andrew ZHYDYK, Sales Manager

Lyudmyla PETRUK, director of Milina Outsourcing

Lyudmyla is a true enthusiast of hotel business and has a global view of world trends in the hospitality industry. Having graduated with МВА in Hotel and Tourism Management from University Center Cesar Ritz (Switzerland) in 2007, Lyudmyla has gained worldwide experience in Europe and Asia. By developing and improving services and solutions by Milina Outsourcing, Lyudmyla Petruk seeking to improve the overall quality of hospitality services in Ukraine with her knowledge and skills.

Yana KANAFOTSKA, service quality standards consultant


Yana Kanafotska works in services sphere for more than 10 years mainly in fields of development and improvement of customer service. Has international experience in strategic planning and consulting, training for service quality improvement. Yana sees service quality growth as her professional goal.

Iryna GAPANOVYCH, marketing, PR та events consultant


The key activities of Iryna are creative solutions, copywriting, event management, public relations, marketing and staff motivational trainings. She works in hospitality for more than 8 years. Her professional skills include two successful hotel launching projects, work in three hotels on various positions, night club promotion experience.

Andrew ZHYDYK, sales manager


Works in sales from 2007. Has been working with best restaurants and hotels of Western Ukraine. Has experience in launching objects from skratch. Andrew is a specialist in his own field who builds relationships based on trust and reliability.

Yana BOYKO, sales manager


Works in hotel and restaurant sphere not for long time, which allows her to view classic issues with ‘fresh’ mind and creative approach. In her work Yana combines tradition and art, operational activity and marketing experience, service philosophy and concept of potential market formulation. Yana knows how to win serious competition and has good experience in it.

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